(With most parts laser cut)

  • All STING Glider Kits come complete with full size plans, 6lb/cuft contest grade wood and a STING decal
  • The 18" doubles as a hand launch or a catapult launch. (Kit includes the STING launcher and rubber)
  • The 24" and STING MAXIMA 30" have built-up wings with Polyspan covering included. (Polyspan is several times stronger than tissue)
  • Fuselage includes top quality Lenytube, tapered carbon fibre, tail booms
  • NOTE that a DT activator is required (except STING jnr 15) as the fuselage pivots behind the wing. A Cool Tube or the NEW Smoothie DT timers are recommended
  • Kits include an excellent article called "Hand Launched Gliders" by Kevin  Moseley. The article covers construction, trimming, launching and contest flying and is a must read. Reprinted from the 36th annual report of the National Free Flight Society Symposium 2003. Kevin Mosely is the editor of the only world wide newsletter dedicated to free flight hand launch and catapult launched gliders called "ARM SOAR". Kevin can be contacted at
Records and Achievements
  • STING 18" - Ideal for fun or contest flying. 1st and 2nd Australian Nationals Catapult, 1st 2003 AFFS Championships (by a female)

  • Catapult or hand launched

  • STING 21" - Currently holds the Australian Record and has won 4 National Titles
  • STING 24" - Won 2001 & 2002 Heave Ho world postal event, 2002 & 2003 Jim Moseley world postal and won 2002 & 2003 Australian Nationals
Bruce Kimballs (USA) STING 24's. Weighs incredible 28 grams.

STING Jnr 15 flew for the first time at the New Zealand Nationals on January 1st 2004. A young glider enthusiest launched it high and watched in amazement as a small thermal took the glider up and a couple of minutes later it landed 1/2 mile away.

All parts are pre-cut with wing airfoil shaped along with the wing dihedral joints cut to correct angle. Excellent contest grade wood selected for all parts.

  • Ideal for school, scout group projects etc. 

  • Can be assembled and ready to fly in less than 20 minutes.

  • Discounts apply for school and community group orders. 

  • All that is required to finish this glider is "super glue"

STING AERO PRODUCTS are proud to announce that the superb outdoor hand launched glider kit BUTTERFLY 20 is now available. This is Mick Pages famous winninist OHLG of all time. (Mick has won the UK national hand launched glider titles 10 times)

BUTTERFLY 20 will include a fuse DT and a modern tip up tail boom. Mick has written a short history of the gliders philosophy and a complete new trimming chart plus comprehensive building instructions. This glider will not be cheap but when has quality ever been cheap

2KAN - 25" Hand Launch Glider, designed by Mark Benns.
2Kan has won the UK national titles in 2002 and 2003 along with many regional championships. 
2Kan is widely accepted as the best modern British glider being flown today and Sting Aero Products are now producing this "top of the range" kit.
The 2Kan kit includes the "Smoothie DT" timer.

2KAN with some recent National and Regional Trophies Several 2KAN gliders wings removed, ready for assembly, in model box  Mark showing off his "super" glider
  SPIN-UP 36" - Wins Australian, UK & USA National 2006 Championships

World Record Holder now fitted with a tilt rear fuselage (timer not included in kit) for outdoor thermal flying.

Comes with Super lightweight custom made carbon fibre 9mm OD tapered boom, C/F Wing Tip Dowel, C/F Wing reinforcement, laser cut Balsa & Plywood fuselage and all the bits to make a complete glider. Also building, trimming & launching instructions.

This is a gadget free state of the art discs glider that is simply the "Worlds Best Free Flight Glider"

Note: Due to the weight this kit attracts the "Extra Postage" Costs.

  SPIN-UP 36" Short Kit

Consists of a full size plan, custom made 9mm Tapered rear boom (none lighter, well worth the money), carbon fibre finger brace, with detailed building and trimming instructions and launch techniques.

This way you have control over wood selection weights and grain and still build an exact replica of the full kit but at a reduced cost



Ideal beginner glider, not too large to handle in the wind and still very competitive and affordable. - Full Kit is complete (only glue required & DT Timer). Short Kit has C/F Boom, decal, C/F Wing Peg, C/F Wing Stiffners, Full Size Plan, Building, Trim and Flying instructions.




This is the Glider if you're looking for Big Performance.

Full Kit includes 8mm C/F Tapered Boom, Excellent Building, Trim & Flying instructions (only glue and DT Timer required)

Short Kit has C/F Boom, C/F Wing Peg, C/F Wing Stiffner, Full Size Plan, Building, Trim & Flying instructions & Decal.

Photo available soon.